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The Planet Tech’ Care Manifesto

14 April 2022


Today, TRSb has signed the Planet Tech’ Care Manifesto, proof of its commitment to the environment.

What is Planet Tech’ Care?

Planet Tech’Care has been launched last octobre during the “Numérique et environnement : faisons converger les transitions” meeting (translating to “Digitial and Environment : let’s come together”) organised by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition, French Ministry of Economy and the State Secretariat in charge of digital transition and electronic communication.

The initiative was launched by Numeum and it gives tools to reduce the digital carbon footprint.

TRSb’s actions for the environment

TRSb acts daily in order to better manage its impacts on ecosystems. We are convinced that pursuing our actions will help to build a better tomorrow.

Our CSR strategy was confirmed in 2019 with the publication of our yearly report and the setting of realistic and manageable objectives in matter of environnemental actions.


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The big ideas of the Manifesto

The Planet Tech’ Care initiative allow to gather the players of numerical responsibility, convinced by the many opportunities it can offer in matter of ecological transition.

The manifesto is organised around two big ideas :

  • Recognition that the environmental changes are a major concern for humanity in which digital players have an impact.
  • Involvement of these players is crucial so that they can contribute on their own level to the management of environmental risks.

TRSb is proud to participate in this project, which aims to improve and share good practices in the digital field.

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